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did they act alone? investigators look into whether the boston marathon bombing suspects had help in carrying out the attacks while the suspect's mother comes under closer scrutiny. rising rivers. fingers are crossed in communities throughout the midwest as floodwaters continue to climb. and d.c. comics. president obama casts a vote for comedy at this weekend's white house correspondents' dinner. >> take the sequester. republicans fell in love with this thing, and now they can't stop talking about how much they hate it. it's like we're trapped in a taylor swift album. captioning funded by cbs this is the "cbs morning news" for monday, april 29th, 2013.
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good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm vinita nair. we begin this morning into the investigation of the boston marathon bombings. investigators are still trying to determine if the suspects acted alone. the chairman of the house intelligence committee, chairman mike rogers, says persons of interest are being sought, meanwhile the mother is coming under close scrutiny. during a wiretapped phone conversation with her older son, she's heard discussing jihad. ines ferre reports. >> reporter: lawmakers are questioning whether the boston bombing suspects may have had training from terrorists. the chairman of the homeland security system says the tsarnaev brothers used weapons similar to pakistan, afghanistan, and india. >> the experts agree there was someone who did train these two individuals. the question is where is that trainer or trainers? are they overseas in the chechen region or are they the in the united states? >> reporter: the fbi interviewed tamerlan tsarnaev in 2011 after russian authorities warned he might be a threat, but u.s.
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officials did not find any reason to suspect him. he died in a shoot-out with police. his brother dzhokhar is in custody. senator claire mccaskill says there's no evidence that tamerlan and his brother were part of a larger organization. >> it appears at this point based on the evidence that it's just the two of them. >> reporter: some on capitol hill believe their mother played a role in turning them against america. >> i believe she is a person of interest if not a suspect. believe if she comes into the united states, she'll be detained for questioning, so i think there is a connection there. >> reporter: the father of the suspects was planning a trip to the u.s. but now says it is postponed because of poor health. ines ferre for cbs news, new york. now to the flooding in the upper midwest. it's nothing new along the red river in fargo, north dakota, and this year is no different. more rain is expected and the river is still raising. the national weather service says it's expected to crest in fargo at about 19 feet above flood stage early wednesday.
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terrell brown reports. >> reporter: the city of fargo has built a wall of sandbags along jim lapine's home. more than 130 bracing for floodwaters. >> i've lived on the river for 40 year, and this will be the fifth time we've put sandbags in 40 years. >> reporter: the city endured the worst ever flood in 2009. there's been a major flood ever since. in north dakota that melting snow is turning into rushing water. those living along the mouse river in logan had little warning. >> between the hours of 1:00 and 2:00, there were six inches going in my basement windows over here, and it's nonstop. >> reporter: it's also been a spring of record rainfall that's caused flooding in ten states including tennessee over the weekend.
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in fargo, jim lapine's farm has become part of a flood zone and the city wants him to move. >> 50 weeks of the year this is just a wonderful spot. we have wildlife, privacy, and nature. >> reporter: despite the looming nature, lapine says he's staying put. terrell brown, cbs news. meteorologist jeff berardelli of our miami station wfor is tracking the flood-producing weather system. >> significant flooding continues in parts of the upper midwest straight through the ohio valley, and as we head through the upcoming week, it looks like more stormy weather is on the way. we have a storm system in the pacific northwest. that will be diving south through the rockies and eventually through the plain states. at that point it will become separated through the jet stream and it will have nothing to kind of steer it to the east. so it looks like the storm will be cut off and almost become stationary across the central part of the country by wednesday, thursday, and friday. and that means heavy rain is likely once again in parts of the midwest and also into the ohio valley. now, as far as the short term,
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it looks like heavy rain or at least moderate rainfall is possible and nodl, maybe 1 to 2 inches of rain monday into tuesday. significant flooding has been a problem mostly because of snow melt, and now we're going to add a couple of inches of rain early in the week. later in the week it looks like the bull's eye of the heavier rain will be in the lower parts of missouri, iowa, minnesota, and also parts of wisconsin. notice that parts of the ohio valley and mississippi river will get the coming rain. there is a potential for more flooding. for cbs news, i'm meteorologist jeff berardelli. some good news if you are flying today. the air traffic control system should be back to normal following a week of delays. the furloughs of air traffic controllers is over. congress passed legislation allowing the faa to transfer funds, returning the number of controllers to full strength. today president obama is expected to nominate the mayor of charlotte, north carolina.
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anthony fox will be the new transportation secretary. fox would replace ray lahood. fox would be the president's first african-american among new cabinet members nominated for his second term. overseas, heavy fighting is reported in the syrian capital of damascus. the syrian army is trying to drive rebel troops from the main areas of the capital. last week's news that syrian troops probably used chemical weapons has the white house scrambling for a response and the white house calling for action. susan mcginnis is in washington this morning. good morning, susan. >> good morning, vinita. there is more violence reported today nier tear the capital of damascus. a state-run television agency says the prime minister has escape add bomb that was an assassination attempt. now the u.s. response militarily so far has been minimal, but the republicans on capitol hill want the u.s. to do more. they don't agree on exactly
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what, but they say inaction on the part of the u.s. is dangerous. rebel troops battled government forces in damascus on sunday near a complex that has been linked to syrian chemical weapons programs. >> there are a number of caches of these chemical weapons. they cannot fall into the hands of the jihadists. >> reporter: many of the rebel fighters are affiliated with al qaeda groups and there's a big concern here in the u.s. that the weapons will fall into the wrong hands. >> the next bomb that goes off in america may not have nails and glass in it. >> lawmakers on capitol hill are pushing president obama to take action now to remove syrian president bashir al assad from power and to have a secular power take over. >> there's two wars to fight. one is a bad guy who's dangerous to the word and the second is going to be between the majority of syrians and radical islamists who have poured into syria. >> reporter: the state of state
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wants a no-fly zone. >> if you could neutralize the air advantage the syrian government has over the rebels, think you could turn the tide of battle pretty quickly. >> reporter: while the u.s. formulate a military plan, it's also dealing with a humanitarian crisis. an estimated 600,000 have fled their homes. >> the suffering is intense, and i don't think the world's greater super power, the u.s., can stand by and not do anything. >> reporter: cbs correspondent clarissa ward has been traveling extensively in syria. >> they look at groups which has been designated a terrorist group and they think, you know what? these guys, at least, they're trying to help us. >> reporter: rebel forces say at least nine more civilians were killed in fighting this weekend. now experts say iran and north korea are watching the u.s.
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response to all of this very closely to see if america backs up its threats of action. vinita? >> susan mcginnis in washington, thank you. rescue crews at a collapsed building in bangladesh have all but given up hope of finding any survivors. this morning they're using heavy machinery to clear the rubble. the building came down five days ago. rescue operations were suspended yesterday when a fire broke out. at least 380 people were killed. the owner of the illegally structured building was arrested as he tried to flee to india. he now faces negligence charges. coming up on the "morning news," the battle over the abrams tanks. the army has different ideas. and later, president obama rolls out the jokes at the annual white house correspondents' dinner. we'll take you inside the star-studded event. this is the "cbs morning news." mornings are a special time for the two of you...
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here in new york city today here in new york city today the last pieces of a 408-foot spire are expected to be lifted to the rooftop of one world trade center, and once they are later put into their final place, the 104-story skyscraper will become the tallest building in the western hemisphere. the new tower replaces the twin towers destroyed on 9/11. meanwhile investigators will try to determine where a piece of landing gear came from that was found near ground zero. the part is found to be from one of the two hijacked planes that struck the world trade center on 9/11. it was wedged in a small place between two buildings. on the cbs "moneywatch," a push to keep the abrams tank rolling and a big box office news from abroad. ashley morrison is here in new york with that and more. good morning to you, ashley. >> good morning to you, vinita. asian stocks were mixed ahead of the european rates.
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hong kong's hang seng added a fraction. south korea's kospi dropped a quarter percent while tokyo's nikkei is closed for the holiday. key economic indicators and another round of corporate earnings reports will be released this week. that will determine whether wall street's rally will continue. the dow jones industrial average was up 165 points last week. the nasdaq gained 73 points. new york could become the first state to raise the minimum age to buy cigarettes to 21. lawmakers are taking their cue from new york city, which set a hearing on the proposal for this week. proponents say the measure is aimed at preventing young people from developing the smoking habit. the u.s. army has a message for congress. thanks but no tanks. democrats and republicans are pushing the army to take dozens of improved versions of the workhorse abrams tank. congress says it's good for biz and national security. the price over the past two years has been almost half
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billion dollars, but the army says we don't need anymore tanks. "pain and gain" was number one at the box office. the action crime movie starring mark wahlberg and dwayne "the rock" johnson took in $20 million. "oblivion" came in second at $17 million, and "42" was in third place at more than $10 million, and "iron man 3" was a big draw at the box office over the weekend overseas. it brought more than $95 million in ticket sales. "iron man 3" debuts friday in the u.s. and a lot of people will be looking forward to that. >> co-starring the most beautiful woman in the world too. >> yeah, they've got that going. >> coming up in sports, the nba next big star lights it up in the playoffs. begins of back pain... twinge and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief.
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playoffs.. here's a look at here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. new york, afternoon rain, 58 degrees. miami, thunderstorms, 84. chicago, afternoon thunderstorms, 72 degrees. dallas, partly sunny, 86. los angeles, partly sunny, 74 degrees. in sports the golden state warriorsare one win away from winning just their second playoff series in 19 years. stephen curry lights up the scoreboard pouring 22 of his 32 points in the third quarter. golden state sinks denver, 115-101 to take a series lead.
4:17 am
the season is over for the l.a. lakers. san antonio completes a sweep of los angeles. the spurs get 23 points from tony parker to breeze past the lakers at 123-82. speaking of sweeps, the miami heat disposes of the milwaukee bucks. lebron james scores 30 points. it's the first time the heat has ever swept a playoff opponent. and the boston celtics aren't going down without a fight. jason terry scores the celtics' final nine points to secure a win to avoid a four-game sweep against the knicks. that sets up a game five meeting wednesday night in new york. when we return, presidential jokes. >> rush limbaugh warned you about this. second term, baby. >> mr. obama serves up some laughs at the star-studded annual white house correspondents' association dinner. acne cleansers may be tough on breakouts,
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eight year old girl. the sts being taken today to proteca northern california communi. plus: developing news from overseas. syria's prime minister dodges an assassinn attempt. this as new calls for u-s intervention. and troublemakers on bart beware. how the transit agency plans to crack down the worst offenders. join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:3 good morning. it's monday,,,
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here is a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. washington, rain, 62 degrees. atlanta, morning thunderstorms, 76. st. louis, mostly sunny, 81 degrees. denver, mostly sunny, 84. seattle, showers, 54 degrees. opening statements are scheduled today in los angeles in a civil trial over who is liable for michael jackson's death. jackson died of a drug overdose four years ago. his mother is said to be seeking $40 billion in damages from aeg live, a concert promoter. her lawyers will try to prove that aeg hired and controlled the doctor who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in jackson's death. washington, d.c. went hollywood saturday night. the annual white house correspondents' dinner attracts a hollywood star-studded audience and also gives the president of the united states a
4:21 am
chance to play jokemaster in chief. >> that shouldn't have been funny to you. >> late-night host conan o'brien may have been the headliner. >> if you would like to switch your dessert or position on gay marriage, please signal the waiter. by the way, speaking of dinner, tonight's dinners were halibut and filet mignon or as cnn's john king reports lasagna and kuz coo. >> president obama stepped behind rap music to poke fun at political foes and himself. >> rush limbaugh warned you about this. second term, baby. they suggested i should start with some jokes at my own expense, just take myself down a peg. i was like, guys, after 4 1/2 years, how many pegs are there left? i'm not the strapping young muslim socialist that i used to be. my charm offensive has helped me learn some interesting things about what's going on in congress.
4:22 am
it turns out absolutely nothing. i understand second term, need a rst of new energy and try some new things. and then my team and i talked about it. we were willing to try anything so we borrowed one of michelle's tricks. >> the president enlisted oscar winner steven stealberg for an off-style spoof. >> you know what? he nailed it. >> was i playing obama? i'll be honest, yeah, i was. it took a while. hello ohio, hello ohio, i love you back. look. look. let me be clear about this. it was challenging. you wouldn't believe how long it takes to put these ears on in the morning. >> it wasn't all jokes, however. the pesident also paid tribute to the first responders and volunteers who answered the call following the boston marathon bombings and the plant explosion in west, texas.
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a world war ii veteran who played a key role in the iconic photograph of the flag raising on iwo jima has passed away. alan wood passed away of natural causes in california. he provided the flag that was raised by five marines and a navy corpsman. wood was a 22-year-old officer when a marine asked him for the biggest flag he could find. wood happened to have a 37-foot flag. alan wood was 90 years old. pet owners are helped through challenging times. as magalie laguerre wilkin son reports, families struggling to pay the bills may not have to give up their pets. >> reporter: marissa jenkins' 6-year-old dachshund olivia is
4:26 am
more than just a dog. >> she's definitely part of our family. she's definitely not a dog per se. she's a kid us to. >> reporter: recently they welcomed a new addition and a new challenge. >> my husband lost his job in february and we just had a baby in december, and so all of the costs of having a baby and a dog and family and all of that is adding up. >> reporter: now on food stamps, they turned to a nonprofit-for-help to feed their dogs because food stamps cannot be used to buy pet food. launched in february, pet food stamps has received over 160,000 applications from needy families across the family. mark okon is its founder. >> there are many social programs set up to help people, but very few designed to help pets. hundreds of thousands of pets are put to sleep a year simply because owners can't feed them. >> reporter: he's partnered with a company called pet flow to provide free delivery.
4:27 am
>> it was a relief for us that we were able to get some help for our dog because we couldn't provide for her. somebody else could. >> reporter: while marissa is grateful for the free pet food, there's an even more valuable benefit. >> we wanted our child to be able to grow up with animals, and our dog is really great with her. >> reporter: once back on their feet, the jenkins say they will donate to the program to help other families in need. magalie laguerre wilkinson, cbs news, new york. basketball legend michael jordan tied the knot over the weekend. jordan married former model yvette prieto in a palm beach, florida, ceremony on saturday. it was his second marriage, her first. the couple had dated for five years.
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coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning" the latest into the investigation of the boston marathon bombing. we'll hear from john miller. plus, the dangers of novelty helmets for motorcycle riders. plus we'll meet a man who's on a mission for the best tasting coffee. that's the "cbs morning news." thanks for watching. i'm vinita nair. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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this is kpix 5 news. >> good morning, everyone. it's monday, it's here. april 29th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm mio . just about 4:30. you like how frank said that. it's monday. >> so excited. ready to go today. we have great weather to
4:30 am
talk about. that was a nice weekend. yes, a lot of sunshine today. plenty of sun our way. temperatures in the 50 s and 60s. pretty toasty this afternoon. more on that coming up. >> all right. outside at the bay bridge, everything is pretty quiet so far on this monday morning. not a whole lot of hot spots. we'll tell you more about that coming up. >> all right, liz, thank you. >> a northern california community on edge after the brutal murder of a child. the 8 year old victim was found in her home in valley springs. kate is in the news room with more on the evidence investigators are looking at. >> michelle, this morning, police and officers, investigators taking that evidence as they continue to search for a suspect. and his kids will be headed to school this morning, they can expect to see extra police as part of

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